Syros has lots of beaches quite close to Hermoupolis and easily accessible by bus or private car. Most of them offer a number of facilities and choices of food and drink while you overlook the Aegean and its rocky islets. The diversity of vistas will win you over, especially if you reach the island’s northern shores, accessed only on foot or by boat, where nature has outdone itself.


delfini beach

Thanks to its coast’s morphology, Delfini is another gifted beach of Syros which beckons to visitors to come and enjoy its crystal-clear waters. It is near Kini Beach and has a stunning view of the nearby natural vistas. It’s your starting point for the island’s pristine, northern beaches (Varvarousa, Aetos, Leia, Grammata). It’s just 11 km away from Hermoupolis and has a restaurant and beach bar.


kini beach

Kini Beach, that scenic fishing village is one of the island’s most hospitable nooks. Its facilities are flawless, your choice of food and drink a wide one, and you are assured of a sandy beach and clear waters for great swimming. Kini is where you’ll enjoy one of the island’s most legendary sunsets. Find out when local, cultural events take place there and when the caiques leave Kini’s small harbor for the island’s northern shores.


agkathopes beach

Are you looking for a beach that has all amenities and comforts of a seamlessly organized beach at your beck and call? Are you looking for a unique location where your gaze is attracted over and over again by unforgettable vistas? Look no farther. Agkathopes Beach is it! It offers plenty of food and drink choices while you enjoy its golden, sandy beach and blue waters.


vari beach

Close to Hermoupolis (8 km), Vari Beach offers you food, coffee, and drinks right on the beachfront. It offers great amenities and is ideal for families and groups of friends. It has shallow, clear waters and accesses a number of other beaches so you can spend your entire day away from the city.


komito beach

Komito is a beach that has 3 important advantages under its belt: It’s near Posidonia and Agkathopes Beach (just 15 km away from Hermoupolis); it has a breathtaking view of the Stroggylo rocky islet opposite, and retains its landscape’s charm since it offers few high-end amenities and has thus the least traffic. It’s easily accessible, excellent waters calling to swimmers, and the bare necessities (coffee, snacks, etc.) you require.


achladi beach

Achladi Beach is about 8 km south of Hermoupolis, in the bay of Vari, opposite Vari Beach. The bay comprises a rocky coast, a natural harbor for caiques, and a beach with clear, tranquil waters and a scenic small taverna where you can enjoy your food with your feet literally dangling in the water when the tide is in.

north beaches

north beaches

The island’s north beaches are the destination of true explorers. Look for the names “Varvarousa”, “Aetos”, “Lia”, “Megas Lakkos”, “Marmari”, and “Grammata” and lose yourself in those beaches’ hospitable, otherworldly beauty. Whether you choose to hike or take a caique or boat to the north beaches, you’ll be rewarded with serenity and the challenge of finding out how their name and history came about. This is your chance to see one of the many folds of Syros, an enigmatic one whose key very few visitors ever find!